Thursday, November 9, 2017

Ferguson Intermidate

Ferguson intermediate Visit

On Thursday 9th of November, the year six's of Dawson primary went to Ferguson intermediate orientation,

These are some classes that we went in
E-learning class
Lanuage class
Staff room/ swimming pool
Rm 2 (year 8 class)

My favourite part is when we got to bake chocolate chip muffins.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Maritime Museum

Maritime Museum

On  Friday 30th June,the year six syndicate went on a trip to the Maritime Museum.So  when we got there someone that worked there, introduced herself and told us I am your tour guide  today.So she lead us inside, and we went inside this hall way.So our tour guide named Leichelle told our schedule for the day.SO she asked if we get into two groups.Screenshot 2017-07-03 at 9.35.41 AM.png

So my group (grp1) went sailing,and group 2 went to the  workshop.So before we went to the workshop we went and got our life jackets before boarding the boat.We all lined up and walked to the boat, but it wasn’t an ordinary boat it was a Aotearoa 1 waka,a waka is a boat that  pacifiers use to travel to islands.We hopped on the boat and the was wobbling side to side.So one of the  crew people told us the safety of the boat.20170630_113949.jpg20170630_114724.jpg
So he told us to take a seat before they tell to stand.So when we left the shore they told we could stand up and explore the sea,the sail was relaxing and calm.My favourite part of sailing was when we were singing the Moana song how far I go.But the only thing that was wrong was  when the boys were flat,but it was quite funny.

20170630_105412.jpgSo we went back to shore and you should know we were all moaning because we didn’t want to leave the relaxing cruise.So as we got back group 2 were waiting on the fence.My group went off the boat and gave our life jackets to one the students that are the similar size to us.Then I tour guide took us into this theater room.Our tour guide talked about what we are going to be watching. So we were watching about our ancestors finding islands to live on. Soon or later, at twelve  o'clock we went out where the boats are we were going to watch a cannon burst out  a paper full of gunpowder.BOOM went the paper ball,the only reason they use a cannon because they knew the time is 12:00.Later on it was lunch time we had 15 minutes to eat.After 15 minutes we were told to be split up in groups of 5, and also go with a parent I went with one of my friends dad.HIs name was Mr Rameka.We were trying to find 5 objects.The 5 objects were a lighthouse, a ship, animals, and a mini beach house.

So we use our map to find it.So we went to the lighthouse room to find the lighthouse and it was right in front of us when we  were in the room.Next we went to look for the ship, we look in the olden ships room, we couldn’t find do I looked back and I found it, it was the last ship on the back corner.After we went looking for the mini beach house so we went in the surfing area and looked for the mini beach house but instead we found this game with a stirring wheel inside it, and other parts of it too.Later on we it was 45 past 1 so that means we were going back to school.So the way back to school heaps of people were playing like me and my two friends, and some were sleeping or watching out the window.So that was the end of the trip.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Jordan Rice/The Sacrifice

Image result for Jordan RiceJordan Rice/The sacrifice
In 2010 there was a flood in Queensland,Australia.There was a teenager named Jordan Rice. He  sacrificed his life for his   11 year old brother named Blake and mother named Miss Rice .He was a brave boy.

So it all started on a monday,Jordan, Blake, and Miss Rice was driving in her  white mercedes.Then the flood came along, but it wasn’t just an ordinary flood it was a flash flood.Jordan couldn’t swim and was scared of the water,but still walked his way to safety with his mother and brother.So they made it to safety but the flood was too strong so instead of letting him go first, he lets his brother go first,but after they got blake to safety Jordan and his mother,got swept away in the flood.So Jordan and his mother died.That’s why he was a hero since 2010.

Now we know what a true hero is.No hero has to have super powers,it has to have bravery and a lovely heart.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

My Colour Poem

Colour poem

Hello Welcome Back with Danielle here am going to show you more poetic writing.Here is my colour poem about Brown.File:Whiskey Chocolate Cake.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Colour: Brown
File:New Zealand road sign - Kiwi (alternate).svg - Wikimedia CommonsFeels like:Hedgehog
Mud | Top: Molly's feet Bottom: My feet The rest: lots and l… | FlickrTaste like:Chocolate yummy cake,with chocolate  syrup sizzled as the topping
Smells like:Disgusting smelly compost
Sounds like:A kiwi squeaking out loud
Looks like:Big puddle of dirty mud.

There you go a colour writing this poem is so easy and simple so try one two.BYE!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

acrostic poem

My acrostic Poem

Welcome back to my blog,in my class we are learning about diffrent kind of poem,here are some example here
*Cinquain poem
*Acrostic poem
*Bio poem
*Rhyme poem ect
So let me show you my acrostic poem. Here is about my best friend,
Alana Amazing Dancer
Lover of maths and writing
Awesome at running
Never unfinished
Always been my BFF

Second acrostic poem is about a season,
Spring Sunny sky
Pretty tress
Remarkable daisy
Incredable flowers
Nector for pretty flowers

Here's is one about a movie,
Moana Magneficent beginning
Outragous Maui
Always singing
Never giving up
Amazing reflexis

Here's is a rhyme So acrostic poems are really easy to do so you should try one too.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

book review!

Book Review!!  Image result for thea stilton and chocolate sabotage

                  Reviewed By Danielle
Title:Thea Stilton and The Chocolate Sabotage.
Author:Elisabetta Dami

Genre:Adventure and Mystery books

Summary:The story is about the Thea Sisters going to Ecuador and meeting Paulina’s friend named Antonio and his Famous Chocolate  Factory.
File:5 stars.svg - Wikipedia

Tuesday, April 4, 2017


                          STORMY DAY

Image result for storms
Image result for tsunami
The storm is angry, a terrifying bull. 

CLlNG CLING the rain hitting the roofs top playing a piano.

SWOOSH SWOOSH POW!!! the wind racing with the blowing leaves yelling "I WININ!

DING DING went the lighting bolts playing jingle bells.

"ROAR"! went the rain using  flying power to brake in. 

CRUNCH went the tree crying out its leaves.

The wind is howling with the wolves trying to blow  them away.As the cloud gets angry, the clouds  starts to ROAR with the rain,trying to rule the world. 

LALALALA went the clouds and the rain dancing together in the dark.Families driving out of there houses crying. The next day our day has just turned into a even worse then before beware of the TSUNAMI!!!!!!!!!!